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Scaling a course isn’t about finding the perfect Facebook ad or inventing the perfect funnel. It’s an end-to-end process that encompasses your market, your offer, the design of your course, and yes, the marketing and sales.

The reason so many agencies fail to help course creators scale is because they are only focusing on one of these factors, not the entire process.

And that’s precisely how we are different.

By focusing on the entire process, we make sure there are no stumbling blocks preventing you from scaling to millions of dollars in sales.

Step One

Perfect Your Offer

We’ll work with you to find the right market for your course, complete preliminary design of your course, and finally, perfect your offer. To do so, our research team will create a “black file” with insights into how your competition is making money.

Step Two

The Interview

After nailing down your offer, we will interview you for several hours to exhaustively understand your topic. We will then transcribe the interview and conduct additional research to fill in the gaps.

Step Three

The Sample

Our team will create a detailed outline for your course, including the lessons, homework assignments, and other resources necessary for maximum student success. We will then create a sample module for you to review.

Step Four

Full Production

Once you’ve approved the outline and sample, we will go into full production mode and create your entire course in just a matter of weeks. You can request as many revisions as needed.

Step Five

Build Funnels

Our copywriters and marketing automation specialists build your funnels. Once again, you’ll have opportunities to make revisions. Otherwise, you don’t lift a finger.

Step Six

The Launch

We help you get your course off the ground and launch it so you can recoup your investment. If anything goes wrong, we will be there, and if we need to adjust the marketing, we will.

Step Seven


If you want help scaling, we will stick with you to seven figures and even help you build out your internal team. You’ll get everything you need to build a massively successful course business.

In conclusion:

We are badasses who can do everything.

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