Newsletter #8

Why No One Knows (or Cares) Who You Are. And They Never Will.

written by

Kevin J. Duncan


It doesn’t matter how smart you are.

Or how funny or talented you might be.

Or if you’re ridiculously good-looking. 👋

If you’re not on social media…

No one cares.

They don’t care about you, your story, or how you can help them.

And they definitely don’t care about whatever business you’re starting.


Because you’re invisible.

You might as well be a ghost who can only interact with the world through gentle breezes.

“Did you hear something?” “Nah, it’s just the wind.”

But here’s something that’ll make you feel a little better…

Smart Blogger Was Dead Wrong About Social Media — For YEARS

Go check out Jon’s Twitter profile.

Heck, go look at mine.

You won’t see hundreds of thousands of followers.

Why is that?

How can the Founder and CEO of Smart Blogger…

One of the biggest websites in the world dedicated to writers and bloggers — with over 4 million readers…

Have only a few thousand followers on Twitter?

And how can yours truly, the Editor-in-Chief of the same company — who’s had his Twitter account for over 14 years — have fewer than 2K followers?

The answer:

We ignored those accounts. We did the absolute bare minimum with them.

And it’s not just Twitter…

We’ve done the bare minimum with Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest too.

The reason?

We’ve been laser-focused on the source responsible for 99% of our traffic and leads…

Organic search (aka Google).

Google brings us millions of website visitors every year. It brings us thousands of new email subscribers every week.

Google’s been very, very good for us.


The Game is Changing

To continue to grow as a company, we can no longer solely rely on organic search traffic and the occasional paid leads from Facebook.

We need to diversify…

We need to stop putting all our eggs in one or two baskets…

We need social media.

And if you’re an entrepreneur or business just starting out (which is the case with Profitable), you DEFINITELY need social media.

In 2023, it’s non-negotiable.

So, does that mean you should begin posting to every social media platform out there?

No. No, no, no.

Don’t spread yourself thin and be mediocre on several platforms…

Focus on ONE platform and be really, really good at it.

Ideally, that one platform would be where your target audience lives.

If you know where that is, start there.

If you have no clue where that is…

Start with Twitter.

It’s the easiest to learn, the easiest to scale, and the easiest to start if you’re at ground zero.

Follow Us, Follow What We Do

Even though the Profitable newsletter is still in its infancy, we’ve already dedicated two entire issues to the topic of Twitter (see here and here).

This current issue gives context for why we’ve done this.

Social media, and Twitter especially, is going to be a big part of Profitable’s traffic strategy. Growing Jon’s social audience is going to be key.

So, even when we’re not writing newsletter issues about it (because there are many other topics we want to tackle), we’ll be actively testing Twitter strategies behind the scenes.

Want to see what we’re up to? Want to follow along and try the strategies?

Follow Jon and watch what he’s doing.

And follow me, too, while you’re at it. And Pat, our Product Manager.

Each of us is actively experimenting with Twitter…

Testing what works…

What boosts engagement…

And what brings in followers.

So, if you’ve been putting off social media and you don’t know where to start…

Start here.

Follow us, follow what we do…

And we’ll all get there together.

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Follow Jon. Follow me. Follow Pat.

And if you got value from this, and you know anyone who’s interested in starting an online business, please let them know about it.

The more referrals we get, the more awesome content we can publish.

Thanks in advance.

Kevin J. Duncan