Newsletter #5

3 Simple ‘Hacks’ to Grow Your Twitter Audience in 1/2 the Time

written by

Kevin J. Duncan


Strategies, methods, tips, tricks, and hacks are great…

(Heck, last week we shared an awesome one with you)

But they usually take time.

And let’s face it…

TIME is a precious resource.

That’s why, in this issue of Profitable, we’ll keep things SUPER simple and short.

Want to grow an audience on Twitter?

Want to know the bare minimum you can do that won’t cost any money and will require the LEAST amount of time and effort possible?

Keep reading.

(Don’t have a Twitter account yet? This article will walk you through the steps.)

1. Your Profile Photo Should Be Your Face

Your profile picture is the first thing people will notice about you on Twitter.

It’s what they’ll use to make snap judgments about you.

So don’t use a picture of your cat. Or a beautiful sunset photo you took on vacation. Or a picture of Ron Swanson (unless your name happens to be Nick Offerman).

When it comes to your profile picture, ask yourself this question:

“Is this a picture of my face, only my face, and nothing but my face?”

If the answer is yes, you have a suitable profile picture.

If the answer is no, upload a new picture and ask the question again.

Estimated time to complete: 1 minute

2. Remove Anything Remotely Controversial From Your Bio

This one’s a bit unconventional:

Don’t have anything in your bio that would cause people you want to have as followers to deem you unfollowable.

An example:

You love <sports team>. You state so in your Twitter bio. Congrats. A portion of people who love the rival of your team will never follow you.

Or to put it another way:

Just as Michaelangelo chipped away every piece of marble that “didn’t look like David” to create his masterpiece…

You need to chip away everything from your bio that doesn’t look like something everyone in your target audience would resonate with.

Estimated time to complete: 3 minutes

3. Publish a Short Tweet 2-3x a Day

Do long tweets work?

Sure they do.

Jon wouldn’t take time to craft long tweet threads if they didn’t work.

Picture of woman reading the X/Twitter Swipe File on a tablet

But are long tweets the ONLY way to grow an audience on Twitter?

Thankfully, the answer is no.

Short tweets still pack a punch.

This one from Alex Hormozi, posted days ago, has over 1,500 reposts and 9k likes:

Picture of woman reading the X/Twitter Swipe File on a tablet

And this one posted last month by Justin Welsh has over 400k views, 1k reposts, and 6k likes:

Picture of woman reading the X/Twitter Swipe File on a tablet

Alex and Justin have sizable followings, true, but that’s not the point…

The point is short tweets work.

So let’s get them to work for you.

3 Short Tweet Templates to Get You Started

#1) The Open-Ended Question

Ask a question that would be of interest to your target audience.

Here’s an example from Dickie Bush:

Picture of woman reading the X/Twitter Swipe File on a tablet

Here’s another:

Picture of woman reading the X/Twitter Swipe File on a tablet

Couldn’t be simpler.

Estimated time per tweet: 3 minutes

#2) Quote Someone Famous

Thinking of deep, profound things to tweet takes time.

Quoting deep, profound things other people have said is a snap.

Here’s an example from Mark Manson:

Picture of woman reading the X/Twitter Swipe File on a tablet

If you want to expand on the thought a bit, here’s an example from Sahil Bloom:

Picture of woman reading the X/Twitter Swipe File on a tablet

Find quote + tweet quote.

Or, find quote + add more info to quote + tweet quote.

Either way, it works.

And thanks to resources like BrainyQuote, you’ll never lack quotes to choose from.

Estimated time per tweet: 5 minutes

#3) Link to Great Content (with a Twist)

An oldie but goodie.

You find a piece of content online your ideal audience would enjoy and you tweet it.

Your audience sees good, relevant content…

The owner of the content gets more eyeballs on their work…

And you potentially make a connection when the owner sees you sharing his or her tweet.

A win, win, win.

Ah, but here’s the thing…

Twitter’s algorithm now penalizes tweets with links inside them. Such tweets are suppressed, so most people won’t see them.

So what do you do?

Do this:

  1. Tweet a teaser. Then,
  2. Reply to your own tweet (leaving the link in your reply).

Your first tweet, the one without a link, won’t be penalized. People will see it, and then they’ll be able to see and click the link in the replies (if they so choose).

This is a tweet thread (a small one).

Here’s what this looks like in the wild:

Picture of woman reading the X/Twitter Swipe File on a tablet

In the first tweet, I teased a recent Profitable newsletter and tagged the relevant person (in this case, Jon).

In the second tweet, the reply tweet, I provided a link.

If you wanted to do the MVP (“minimum viable product”) version of this…


Reading… “How to Get 1000 Twitter Followers That Actually Give a Crap About What You Tweet” by @jonmorrow


Check it out here:

Simple, right?

Introduce the content by saying “Reading…”, “Love this…”, or something similar.

Then put the headline of the content in quotes. Next, tag the owner (to credit them and so they’ll see that you tweeted their piece).

And in your reply tweet, give a call to action (Example: “Check it out here”) and paste the link.

That’s it.

Estimated time per tweet: 1 minute (after you’ve found content you’d like to share)

Twitter Dominance in Just 10 Minutes a Day

Okay, maybe not “dominance,” but it’s a great start.

The first two steps will take you 5 minutes or so to complete, and once they’re done, they’re done.

Can you spare 10 minutes a day to post 2-3 short tweets?

Can you do that 5+ days a week, week after week?

If you can, you’ll be out hustling 90%+ of the competition…

And in roughly the time it takes to brew a pot of coffee each morning.

Not too shabby.

The Best Links:

Your Next Steps:

To make this SUPER easy for you….

(And to help us spread the word about this newsletter)

I’ll give you a tweet to get started.

Click here to tweet the following:

Picture of woman reading the X/Twitter Swipe File on a tablet

After it’s published, copy the following and leave it as a reply tweet:

Here’s the link:

Done and done (and thanks in advance).

Until next time,

Kevin J. Duncan