Newsletter #10

Stop Doing This, or You Might As Well Quit Right Now

written by

Sam Driver


“I’ll start tomorrow…” 

Procrastination at its finest.

If that’s your mantra, then you may as well quit right now.


Because let’s be honest… you’re not going to start tomorrow. You never do.

And that online business dream? It’s slipping through your fingers. 

But today, we’re slamming the brakes on the procrastination train. And giving you that long-overdue nudge to propel you forward.

So, in this issue of Profitable, we’ll cut through the noise and dive headfirst into the heart of the matter by looking at common scenarios that are stopping you in your tracks.  


Let’s roll.

#1. “There’s always more to learn before I can REALLY get started…”

If you’re waiting to learn everything under the sun, you’ll be waiting forever. 

It’s a common trap… thinking you need to know everything before you take the first step

But guess what? 

That’s just fear masquerading as prudence. 

Learning is a continuous journey, not a destination you reach before you can start.

And the less you delay, the sooner you’ll find out what works and what doesn’t. This means you can refine your strategies faster and find success sooner.

Think about it… 

Did Justin Welsh wait until he knew everything about digital marketing?

The Course Idea Lifecyle by

No. He learned on the go, making plenty of mistakes, sure, but also making incredible progress.

Quick Action:

Start with the basics, then learn the rest as you need it. 

Today, write down three things you need to know to get started. Just three.

Now, spend one hour on each topic. 

By the end of today, you’re three hours closer to your goal. 

#2. “I just need to tweak my product before I launch…”

You’re falling into the perfectionism pit. 

The reality is, that if your product solves a problem — even if it’s not in its final, polished form — it’s ready for the market. 

Plus, getting your product out in the wild will build momentum. It gives you real-world experience, which is priceless. 

You’ll learn more in one week of being live than in months of theorizing and tweaking.

So, take a page out of Dickie Bush’s playbook and progress:

The Course Idea Lifecyle by

After all, your customers don’t need perfect, they need effective.

Quick Action: 

Ask for feedback, but don’t use it as an excuse to procrastinate. 

Reach out to 5 potential customers, friends, or family members and get their honest opinions.

Then, give yourself a hard deadline as you’re launching — no ifs, ands, or buts.

#3. “I don’t know which social media platform to use…”

Don’t overthink it! Use Twitter (X).

Master it. 

And ignore the rest (for now).

You see, X allows you to build a solid foundation of highly engaged followers who’ll instantly (almost) give you feedback on your ideas.

Sure, you can do the same on other platforms, but X is the master of short-form content. You can post and test 1,000s of ideas in a fraction of the time it will take on other social platforms.

So, start today!

Quick Action: 

Spend 1 hour setting up and optimizing your Twitter profile.

Then, implement a daily habit of posting once a day. Simple.

A few weeks back, we shared a few awesome hacks to grow your Twitter audience that includes optimization tips. Check it out here.

#4. “I can’t write the perfect copy…”

The best copy isn’t perfect, it’s relatable. 

Your copy doesn’t have to sound like it’s straight out of Jon’s mouth on day one. To begin with, it just needs to be authentic.

“Sam! That’s all well and good, but what do I write about?”

I’m glad you asked 😏

Start writing about the raw, messy truth about you, your journey, and (of course) your online business.

In time, you’ll attract like-minded people who have the potential to be future customers.

Quick Action: 

Set a timer for 30 minutes and write about your online business journey — regardless of what stage you’re at.

Don’t worry about grammar or word choice. Simply write. 

Tomorrow, you can edit. 

Then, post it on Twitter.

Congratulations! You’ve taken the first step toward “perfecting” your copy.

#5. “I don’t know how to build an email list… ”

Forget about intricate sales funnels and high-tech CRM tools.

Building an email list doesn’t have to be difficult.

Start with the basics…

Offer something so good for free that it’s irresistible.

Think about what your audience craves. Is it a cheat sheet on time management? Or maybe a no-frills template that simplifies their daily tasks? 

Whatever it is, make it so valuable they’d pay for it — then give it away.

Quick Action: 

Carve out two hours in your schedule and create a high-value freebie.

Remember, perfection is not the goal, value is. It doesn’t have to be an encyclopedia on a topic, a simple 2-page PDF can work wonders in the right hands.

Once it’s ready, set up a simple landing page or flaunt it on Twitter and ask for nothing more than an email address. 

Then, watch your email list grow as you provide real solutions.

#6. “I need a team before I begin…”

Today, solopreneurs are taking over the digital landscape.

We’ve already mentioned two prime examples — Justin Welsh and Dickie Bush.

But there are more… Dan Koe, Alex Garcia, Dakota Robinson, and Kieren Drew, to mention a few.

Each has mastered running a business of one and has scaled to incredible heights. Justin Welsh is proof it can work:

The Course Idea Lifecyle by

So, what’s your excuse?

Quick Action:

Start with a small task, a quick win, to get the ball rolling.

But here’s the number one rule: It has to be doable. Otherwise, you’ll procrastinate.

If you’re stuck, my recommendation is to simply structure your day to tackle your pending tasks. Then reward yourself.

You see, structure creates clarity. Clarity creates action. And action creates momentum!

If These Scenarios Didn’t Resonate…

If none of this hits home, then forget any advice for a second.

Close your eyes.

And ask yourself… 

“What’s the one thing I’ve been avoiding?”

The one thing you’re excited but terrified about.

Got it? 

Do that. 


Sometimes, your gut knows the next step better than any advice or strategy.

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Thanks in advance.

Sam Driver