Newsletter #21

Why Picking a Niche Could Be Your Biggest Mistake

written by

Sam Driver


“Niche down!” 

The advice is everywhere. It’s echoed so frequently that it’s almost a sacred business commandment.

But hold up…

This well-intentioned advice often leaves you more bewildered than a chameleon in a bag of Skittles. 

What if you pick the wrong one? What if the niche is too crowded, too boring, or worse, not profitable? 

(Cue the cold sweats and sleepless nights.)

So, what’s an entrepreneur to do?

Well, we’ve got some comforting news for you. 

In today’s issue of Profitable, we’re slicing through the confusion and offering you a fresh, less constricting perspective. A perspective that might just be the lifeline your entrepreneurial spirit needs.


Let’s begin.

The Niche Trap

Let’s debunk this niche nightmare, shall we? 

The common spiel is: find a niche, tailor your message, and voila — success! 

Great! And for some, this works.

But, for others, niches are a trap.


Not all niches are equal. 

Some are as crowded as a Black Friday sale at a gadget store. Others, so narrow, they’d give a tightrope walker vertigo.

And most people pick a niche based on their previous experience or skills from their 9 to 5.

Are you not trying to escape this?

So, why would you lean into the same field of work?

Endlessly, relying on your next caffeine boost to get you through the day.

You become what you were.

Your Secret Weapon: YOU!

Now, let’s flip the script. 

Imagine instead of digging into a niche, you build a beacon — a unique brand that reflects your one-of-a-kind perspective. 

You, with your exclusive blend of experiences, insights, and quirks, can offer something no niche can box in.

Think about it. 

Some of the most successful online businesses didn’t start by niching down. 

Just take a look at Justin Welsh or Dan Koe.

They began with a unique vision. They stood out not because they fit neatly into a category but because they dared to be themselves.

So, what’s the play here? 

It’s about aligning your business with your unique identity, not just a market segment. 

It’s about being the purple cow in a field of black and white — unmissable, unforgettable, and undeniably you.

#1. Your Journey, Your Rules

Don’t let the niche narrative dictate your journey. Start with your strengths, play to your passions, and let your unique perspective guide you.

Love storytelling? 

Let your business narrative be rich with tales that draw people in, making them feel connected and invested.

Are you a tech wizard? 

Showcase it. Create solutions that dazzle, educate, and simplify life for your audience.

Perhaps you were born to write?

Jump over to Twitter (X) and start discussing your ideas to see what resonates.

#2. Evolution Over Perfection

Remember, your online business is a living, breathing entity. It’s supposed to evolve.

And starting with a broad canvas doesn’t mean you’re doomed. It means you’ve got room to grow, pivot, and adapt. 

So, try different things. 

See what resonates with your audience and what feels right for you.

If your latest project is garnering results and it lights a fire within you, lean into it and double down.

If not, that’s fine. It’s not a failure, it’s a learning experience.

The beauty of starting broad is that you can slowly carve out your own space in the market without boxing yourself in from day one.

#3. People Connect With People

Here’s the kicker — people connect with people, not niches. 

Your story, your experiences, the way you laugh at your own jokes — that’s the stuff that builds real connections. 

And in the online business world, connections are currency.

So, be relentlessly authentic. 

Share your journey, the ups, the downs — all of it.

The challenges you’ve overcome, the mountains you’ve climbed, and your successes are all potent tools in your entrepreneurial arsenal. 

You see, the problem you solved yesterday? 

Someone else is facing it today, and they’re looking for a guide. 

Be that guide. 

Your journey, with its unique twists and turns, becomes a roadmap for others. It offers hope, inspiration, and, most importantly, a solution they can trust.

The Bottom Line…

Be unapologetically you.

Weave your uniqueness into your business narrative. 

Let your personal brand shine through. 

That’s how you create a business that not only stands out but also resonates deeply with your audience.

And remember, in the grand scheme of things, it’s your unique perspective that will make your business not just profitable but genuinely fulfilling.

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Thanks, and until next time,

Sam Driver