Newsletter #16

Why Chasing Followers is Destroying Your Online Business

written by

Sam Driver


You’ve heard it a million times, right? 

“To win at the online business game, you need more followers.” 

It’s like a broken record, echoing through every corner of the digital world. 

And, hey, we’ve all been there. Counting likes and followers, thinking it’s the barometer of our worth.

But here’s the cold, hard truth… 

This obsession with follower counts isn’t just misleading — it’s downright destructive.

In the frantic rush to boost those follower numbers, there’s a critical aspect that often gets lost — the quality of your followers.

So, what if you shifted gears and aimed to foster a community, not just a crowd? 

To create content so compelling, so utterly resonant, that the right people can’t help but flock to you.

And that, dear reader, is exactly what we’ll explore in this issue of Profitable.

Let’s begin.

Content is King, But Connection is Queen

Your goal is to craft content that speaks directly to the hearts and minds of your audience. We’re talking about material that’s not just seen but felt. 

This kind of content doesn’t just get likes. It sparks conversations, builds relationships, and creates a community of loyal advocates.

And as you nurture this focused approach, something remarkable happens. 

Your content starts to resonate with the right people. It naturally attracts quality followers. 

These are the folks who don’t just follow you but engage with you. 

They share your content, talk about your brand, and ultimately, become the cornerstone of your business growth.

After all, if someone is genuinely interested in what you say, they’re far more likely to convert into customers.

The Shift From Follower Count to Value Creation

It’s time to move away from obsessing over numbers and checking your follower count every hour.

A thousand meaningless followers are no match for a hundred engaged, interested, and loyal ones.

And I’m not the only one who thinks so. The great social media wizard Justin Welsh put it perfectly:

So, let’s switch to focusing on adding value and attracting believers.

Quality Over Quantity

One incredible post is worth more than ten mediocre ones.

Every post, every piece of content, should serve a purpose. To either educate, entertain, or enlighten your social media followers.

So, how do you create content that attracts the RIGHT audience?

Kieren Drew hits the nail on the head:

Give actionable advice, share your personality, and tell stories.

You and your online business have been through something someone else is going through right now.

So, reach out to your former self and ask yourself… 

How did you overcome a hurdle? How have you got to where you are now? What steps did you take?

The answers will enlighten others and attract fans.

If you’re looking for further hacks to grow a meaningful audience, check out 3 Simple ‘Hacks’ to Grow Your Twitter Audience in 1/2 the Time.

Engage Authentically

Don’t just post and ghost. It’s crucial to be present, even if it’s just for a short while. 

Genuine human interaction can spark your social media post’s reach.

Reply to comments and DM’s, engage in conversations, and be a part of the community you’re creating.

Think of it this way — every comment, every direct message is a tap on the shoulder from someone in your audience. 

They’re reaching out, not to a brand, but to you, the person behind the screen. 

So, acknowledge these small gestures with a response. 

But not just a simple thank you or emoji reaction.

A thoughtful, value-driven response that shows you’ve taken the time to really listen and interact with your audience.

It creates a ripple effect… 

When your followers see you engaging genuinely, they feel seen and heard. 

This fosters a sense of belonging, and in turn, they’re more likely to contribute, to share, and to advocate for your brand. 

It’s a cycle of positive interaction that fuels both community growth and personal connection.

Monitor & Adjust

Keep an eye on what works by monitoring your audience’s reactions – the comments, the shares, the likes, and the direct messages. 

You start to grasp not just what is liked but what’s loved, what sparks a conversation, and what falls flat.

But the key is not to just observe, it’s to act. 

If a particular type of content consistently ignites engagement, that’s your cue to delve deeper into those themes. 

Conversely, if a certain approach seems to echo into the void with little response, it might be time to pivot. 

This doesn’t mean you abandon your core message or style. No, it’s about refining and shaping it in a way that continues to resonate and add value to your evolving community.

It could be as simple as changing the timing of your posts, tweaking your headlines to be more captivating, or incorporating more of your personal stories into your content. 

The magic happens in the margins, in those slight changes that make your content more relatable, more human, and ultimately, more engaging.

Closing Thoughts

Remember, in the world of online business, your true power lies not in the number of followers but in the strength of your connections.

And that strength comes from creating truly valuable, engaging, and authentic content. 

So, shift your focus from quantity to quality, and watch your online business transform.

The right people will find you.

It’s just a matter of time.

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Sam Driver